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What clients say about training with Louise…  

1. "I have been training with Louise for over a year, it's the longest I've ever stayed committed to the gym and exercise and it's all testament to what an excellent trainer Louise is. The encouragement and confidence she instills in her clients is second to none. With Louise you know you have a trainer who is 100% committed to you and your goals, both personal and physical." 
2. "I didn't realize how much I needed to train my mind as well as my body until I started one to one, Train Your Mind and Body Programme with Louise. As a bride to be the preparation for the big day can be totally overwhelming but Louise is with you every step of the way. I'm excited and confident that I will reach my goals. Her support is priceless at this time." 
3. "Louise's TRX classes are the best workout group classes I've ever gone to. The classes are challenging but rewarding. It targets your entire physique and the results speak for themselves"" 
"I have been training with Louise since September of last year. She is a genuinely lovely woman with a passion for all things fitness. Louise cares about the body and mind, the person inside that body which is a refreshing change compared to any other trainers I have worked with in the past! 
When I went for my initial consultation we instantly clicked! I was in a bad place both mentally and physically, through the train your mind and body program I have made real lifestyle changes which are sustainable and I can honestly say I have never looked back! 
She goes above and beyond what any fitness professional is expected to do. From intense personal training in both group and one on one sessions, motivational support and guidance as well as personalised nutrition she is the best in the business leaving nothing to chance and providing that kick up the ass when needed! Her genuinely happy and fun loving nature & take no crap attitude makes the sessions fly in and even more enjoyable. 
Quite simply she has become a good friend as well as a coach for me. I cannot recommend her enough!" 
"‘As someone that went to the gym for years I wanted to very much get back into it after my second baby. With some time on my hands and a little bit of determination I wanted to find the right person for me and what I needed. I did some research and decided that Louise was the person for me. I was not wrong.  
I was nervous going to meet her the first day, I was out of shape, paranoid about my body and embarrassed by how I had very little ability to do anything in the gym. Louise knocked all that on the head. A session at a time. Each session was focused, had direction and there was a plan in place. Louise put me at ease straight away but in saying that the sessions were still tough and rewarding. 
I started to see the results. Louise made me feel welcome, comfortable and capable. She takes great pride in what she does and takes care of her clients and their abilities. There was no screaming and shouting, no pressure. Louise is all about you and your fitness levels. Louise is caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push you. She encourages and motivates me to be better, fitter and happier. She really knows what I am capable of and doesn’t let me do anything less.  
If you work with her she will work with you to get you the best results. She deserves the best compliments for her approach to fitness and life generally. I am proud to be one of her clients.” 
"I've been training with Louise for the past 7 years and signed up to the train your mind and body programme last year. Louise is an excellent trainer and also very caring about her clients and works with the whole person mentally, emotionally and physically.  
The programme is the best thing I’ve done as it’s given me positivity on not only how to workout but how to correctly fuel my body and mind with the correct tools. Louise always encourages and pushes me when its tough and when I want to give up. I feel stronger and healthier now than I have ever before. 
Louise is very passionate about fitness and it shows through the enthusiasm and energy she brings to every session." 
"I first started training with Louise in 2014, when I attended her TRX group classes 3 times a week. These classes were great for weight loss, fitness and toning up. In October 2017, I changed to her “Train Your Mind and Body” programme – a more personally tailored package of training. Although I loved the TRX training, I find the Train Your Mind and Body programme even better, as it is specifically suited for my personal goals. As with the TRX package, weight loss, fitness and toning up are all benefits of the package, but the personal focus on training your mind adds a new dimension to training. 
As a mother herself, Louise understands the stresses and strains that everyday life can bring and, as a result, knows the right times to push you physically and the right times to push you mentally. Personal training is now a part of my everyday life that I look forward to and I think a huge part of this is down to Louise’s abilities and skills as a personal “mind and body” trainer." 
"Louise is a truly excellent trainer. 
She works the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. 
She knows just how and when to encourage and push you . 
Her training is challenging but achievable and I have gained confidence and I am stronger physically and emotionally.  
I look forward to my training sessions with Louise instead of dreading the thought of going to the gym and trying to motivate myself and failing. 
Highly recommend Louise a great trainer to help you achieve your goals." 
"I started with Louise about 3 months ago and I feel so much happier and content in my body and mind. 
She is such a joy to workout with and pushes me further than I’d ever push myself.  
10/10 would recommend." 


What You Will Get: 
Train 1-2-3 times per week 1.1 coaching 
1.1 life coaching consultation session 
Tailored individual nutritional plan to suit your goals 
Tailored individual training programme to suit your goals 
Weekly check in 
24 hr WhatsApp support 
Adjustments throughout the programme 
The programme runs over a six week course. 
Sessions Per Week 
4 Week Course 
Cost p/s 
Four Sessions per Week 
Three Sessions per Week 
Two Sessions per Week 
One Session per Week 

Believe you can & you're half way there!  


Mind & Body:
2020 Programme  
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